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Rhys Turner

Xuhui, Shanghai, China | rhys.turnstylez at gmail.com | rtek.com.au

Tech skills

HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, C#, C++, XCode/Swift/Objective-C, Processing, Unity3D, OpenFrameworks and CinderLib, NodeJS, Vuforia & MetaIO Augmented Reality, Oculus Rift
SocketIO, UDP, TUIO, multi touch and network platforms
Arduino, RaspberryPi, electronics and hardware integration
Adobe, Cinema4D & Unity3D


Imagination, Hong Kong , 2014 – present

Senior Creative Developer

Technical direction and creative development,
Prototyping, Research and Development

Key Projects & Accomplishments:

GE innovation centre Istanbul Turkey 2x 4K video wall with integrated Arduino networking. DMX LED light history wall. iBeacon prototyping. On-site deployment and installation. Media & content management.

Aenigma, Sydney, 2010 – 2014

Creative and Technical Director

Technical direction and creative direction
Ideation, brainstorms, workshops and creative technical exercises
Prototyping, Research and Development
Creative Development

Key Projects & Accomplishments:

Westpac/RAPP/DDB KnowMe Augmented Reality wall iPad app creative tech direction & creative development
Ferrari iPad EdgeBased Augmented Reality App Creative Tech Direction & Creative Development
Volkswagen car tennis activation Creative Tech Direction & Creative Development
PicLink iPhone app Technical Direction & Creative Development
Carnival Cruises/Orachard/Host interactive video website, Creative Developer
Pfizer/Orchard Art & Love A2 baby poster, Creative Developent

JWT, Sydney, March 2013 – July 2013

Creative Technologist

Creative Technology Direction
Ideation, brainstorms, workshops and creative tech exercises and workshops, R&D

Key Projects & Accomplishments:

KitKat Break app creative tech direction
Smarties Sounds app creative tech direction
Kellogs Photo-booth creative tech direction
Creative tech direction on various proactive briefs including Nokia, Berocca, Zertec, HSBC, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson and more.

Imagination, Sydney, October 2012 – January 2013

GE Innovation Centre Saudi Arabia Interactive Displays, Projection and Video Wall Flash Creative Lead Creative Technologist and Creative Developer

Creative Development, RFID, video wall, projection, CPU synchronization, networking and Touch Screens.

Key Projects & Accomplishments:
Bespoke GE Innovation Centre experience
Develop and Install 14 interactive experiences under pressure and on a tight deadline in Saudi Arabia
Create an innovative RFID integration and unique CPU synchronization solution
Creative technology direction for hardware and software
Creative Development
Visit Saudi Arabia and install, calibrate and amend software and hardware

Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Sydney, 2004 - 2012

Associate Lecturer Masters of Interactive and Digital Media

Amnesia | Razorfish, Sydney, Sept 2011
TEDX Sydney Interactive Video App

Processing.org with Kinect OpenCV and ToxiLibs frameworks as a bumper trailer between speakers at TEDx Sydney.

Key Projects & Accomplishments:
Bespoke creative code and hardware project
Created a unique dynamic “bumper” video screen at live

Spinifex, Sydney, Sept 2011

IBM Interactive Video Wall Flash ActionScript Developer, Touch

Action Script Development, with Robotlegs Framework implementation
Flash Frontend & Dynamic PHP/XML backend
Google Maps API integration and China Firewall negotiation.
Touch screen interaction design and development requirements
Touch Screen and Kinect Hardware knowledge
4 x 46” touch screen display array

Key Projects & Accomplishments:
IBM Market Growth Touch Screen App installed in IBM Foyer, Jing Mao, China
Google maps integration & weather, stocks widget service integration
Custom CMS integration

Make Agency (M&C Saatchi), Sydney, Oct 2011

Purina, Flash ActionScript & Facebook API Developer

Action script development, Facebook Graph API implementation
Flash Frontend & Facebook communications with JASON and Google Analytics
Box2D Physics Engine
Additional design, video and optimization requirements
HYPERLINK "https://apps.facebook.com/letsandyloose" https://apps.facebook.com/letsandyloose

Key Projects & Accomplishments:
Ruff Up You Page/Let Sandy Loose Facebook app
Facebook page intigration

Technologies Used:
Flash ActionScript 3, Facebook Graph API, Box2D Physics, Google Analytics


Masters of Visual Arts, (Media Art), Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, 2005

Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours Class I (Media Art), Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, 2003

Always learning.
Currently run the Hong Kong web developers monthly mee up.


2010 Commission

On The Edge – Australia Chinese media art and cultural exchange

2008 Commission

Heard – Experimenta Commission, Experimenta Utopia Now, Australia

2003 Scholarship Award

Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University
Master of Visual Arts Media Arts.


Available upon request